In March 2017, a family gathered around their kitchen table and wondered - what would happen if there was a printing company specifically designed for homeschool families, by a homeschool veteran family?
In April, a survey was sent out to see what families needed and wanted. In May, a test - testing ourselves to make sure we could deliver on what we thought we could do.
In June...the official start of The Homeschool Printing Company. 🙂 The picture that this family - just a father, mother, and daughter - all had in our minds of how this business would turn out was COMPLETELY different than how it ACTUALLY turned out - and we could not be more thrilled and grateful! We had NO idea we'd be working with quite possibly the kindest and most encouraging community there is out there - but that is just what we do, every day.
And we all have our role to play. Jon, our print tech, has spent years in the digital printing industry and knows the ins and outs like very few people do - give him printers to run, and he's a happy guy. 🙂 Carol, our most excellent customer service rep, spends her days finding solutions (she actually finds this super fulfilling!) - and not just for our customers! She manages to help everyone else on the team here - we'd pretty much be lost without her. 😉 And Melissa - a once-homeschooled kid now adult - leads the finishing department. Every order passes through her and her team's hands - working to make your materials as beautiful as possible. (Sometimes she makes a mistake - hello, humanity! - but is always eager to fix it once someone contacts Carol to let us know!)

Bottom line - we'll always do our best to treat our customers fairly, with respect, and give them the best prices possible. Once in a while, we'll get things wrong. That happens in even the best of businesses. It's inevitable. When that happens, we'll never make excuses or place blame - we wouldn't want to be treated that way, so why would we do it to others? We'll just do whatever it takes to make things right. And we're always open to hearing from our customers... or even those who aren't customers! If you ever have a question, comment or idea of how we can do something better, please email us – we would love to chat with you!